Top Treks around Mumbai for Adventure Lovers

Sep 16, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Mumbai, the clamouring city on the western bank of India, isn't just about its tall structures and speedy way of life. Past as far as possible falsehood is probably the most picturesque and exciting travelling objection in the country. Mumbai serves as a gateway to the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats for those who enjoy the great outdoors and wildlife. The best treks around Mumbai that will take you on an unforgettable journey through lush forests, pristine waterfalls, and panoramic vistas are the subject of this article.

Trekking in India: A Brief Overview

Before setting out on our excursion into the scenes close to Mumbai, it's crucial to pause for a minute to see the value in the pith of journeying and climbing in the Indian setting. Travelling and climbing go past the actual demonstration of crossing regular territories; they encapsulate a significant association with India's different and dazzling scenes. Numerous trekking in India opportunities are available in India due to the country's diverse topographies, each of which is distinctive and captivating.

Hiking vs Trekking

"Hiking" ordinarily includes strolling on very much checked trails, frequently in regular settings, for sporting purposes. Usually, hiking trails are simple and may not require specialised equipment.

On the other hand, "trekking" is a more strenuous outdoor activity that involves lengthy excursions through rugged terrain, frequently in inaccessible or wilderness areas. Longevity, the ability to navigate, and sometimes specialised gear like trekking pants and poles are necessary for trekking.

Trekking in India is a full-body exercise that lets you contact nature and explore remote, unexplored locations. With its different landscape, India offers plenty of traveling potential open doors, and Mumbai fills in as an ideal beginning stage for experienced searchers.

The Top Treks Around and in Mumbai

Karnala Stronghold Trek

Location: Karnala Bird Safe-haven, Raigad Region, Maharashtra

The Karnala Post Trip is ideally suited for amateurs and nature lovers. You will pass through the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, home to several bird species. The journey comes full circle at the notable Karnala Stronghold, offering dazzling, encompassing perspectives on the encompassing scene. This day's excursion provides the chance to see birds and have a picnic in the middle of nature.

2. Rajmachi Fort Trek

Location: Rajmachi, Pune Region, Maharashtra

Rajmachi Fort is a true haven for trekkers and avid travellers, nestled in the magnificent Sahyadri mountain range. There are two captivating routes on this magical journey to the fort, each with its own unique appeal. Whether you start your journey in Lonavala or Karjat, you'll pass through charming villages, meander along picturesque trails, and immerse yourself in the lush beauty of the surrounding forests. When you arrive at the zenith of Rajmachi Stronghold, roosted gloriously on a slope, you'll be compensated with stunning perspectives on the Sahyadris in their magnificence. For those looking for a more vivid encounter, setting up camp in the midst of the peaceful mountains is a choice that permits you to absorb the serenity and magic of this trip north of at the end of the week, making recollections that will endure forever.

3. Lohagad Trek

Location: Lohagad Fort, Pune District, Maharashtra, is a well-known trekking location near Mumbai.

The trek is suitable for families and beginners due to its moderate difficulty. On your way up, you'll pass by historic structures like the Vinchu Kata (Scorpion's Tail), and you'll get stunning views of the Sahyadri range. The monsoon splendour of Lohagad, with its lush vegetation and cascading waterfalls, is also well-known.

4. Harishchandragad Trek

Location: Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar Locale, Maharashtra

For experienced travellers looking for a difficult experience, the Harishchandragad Journey is an optimal decision. It involves a steep ascent over rocky terrain and a stop at the well-known Konkan Kada, a massive cliff with panoramic views from every direction. Following the trek, you can also spend the night in the Konkan Kada Cave. Harishchandragad is a playground for those who want to experience the natural wilderness.

5. Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg Trek

Location: Maharashtra's Raigad District includes Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg.

Not for the weak of heart, this walk. The Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg Trek take you to two forts next to each other. On modest hills, these forts provide breathtaking vistas. You may occasionally need to utilise ropes and ladders to navigate the rocky terrain due to the steepness of the climb. A reward like no other is the rush of reaching the summits and seeing the Sahyadris at their best.

6. Kalsubai Trip Trek

Location: Kalsubai, Ahmednagar Area, Maharashtra

Kalsubai is the most elevated top in Maharashtra, and the Kalsubai Trip is a must-accomplish for travellers hoping to conquer this magnificent culmination. The path travels across mountainous terrain, dense forests, and treacherous heights. At the top, you'll be welcomed by a sanctuary and stunning perspectives on the Western Ghats. The trip is particularly well known during the storm when the whole area is covered in lavish vegetation.

Tips for a Secure Trek

Properly Prepare: Carry essential gear, plan your trek well in advance, and dress appropriately, including trekking pants and sturdy footwear.

  • Hydrate regularly: Convey sufficient water and remain hydrated all through the trip.
  • Follow the trail signs: Stick to checked trails and try not to wander off the way.
  • Take it easy: Only pack the essentials to keep your backpack light and manageable.
  • Tell someone: Tell a companion or relative about your travelling plans, including your schedule, and expect to bring time back.

Bottom Line

Mumbai, frequently connected with its metropolitan confusion, shocks numerous with its nearness to India's most elating journeying objections. Whether you're a fledgling searching for a day's experience or an accomplished traveller looking for a test, the journeys around Mumbai offer a different scope of encounters. There is a trek for everyone, from lush forests to historic forts and gentle slopes to challenging peaks.

Thus, wear your trekking pants, ribbon up your climbing boots, and leave on an excursion to test your perseverance and associate yourself with the sensational magnificence of the Western Ghats and Sahyadris.

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