10 The Best Places to Visit in North Goa In 2023: An Ultimate Guide

Sep 12, 2023 By Sean William

North is popular for its wide coastline and amazing food. The place is not home to famous beaches, but there you will find clubs, historical buildings, temples, churches, and flea markets, which makes this place exciting.

You can stop at the most famous places in Goa, like Fort Aguada, the Church Of Mae De Deus, the Temple Of Bogdeshwara, Club Cabana, Anjuna Market, and Bicholim. The beaches of North Goa, including Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Vagator Beach, are amazing places to visit in North Goa as you can relax and capture some memorable romantic moments.

These tourist attractions in Goa will let you feel relaxed in your mind and energize your body. Whether visiting North Goa for parties or spending quality time with the love of your life, this place has something unique for every sort of traveler.

The tourists, regardless of whether they have explored this place before or not, always take a bag full of sweet memories. So, if you also want to add some memorable moments to your traveling book, don’t forget to visit the below-mentioned places in Goa!

Best Places to Visit in North Goa

Calangute Beach

Calling it the queen of beaches will not be wrong. It is a heaven for nature lovers as it holds a charm and spectacular beauty for tourists. If you want to witness the unique culture of Goa, this beach is a must-visit. Its landscape is a treat and delight for tourists around the globe. You can find everything from trinkets to pawns at the markets around the beach. The real cause of its popularity is the water sports because the beach attracts thousands of visitors around the globe.

Anjuna Beach

The beach is located on the west coast of Goa and is one of the largest and most glorious beaches you can explore. If you want to enjoy an adventure-filled weekend with your family and friends, this beach is a place you need to visit. The beach is well-known for its trendy nightclubs, resorts, and beachside hotels. Also, the beach offers you many activities you can enjoy there.

Vagator Beach

The beach is about 21 kilometers away from Panaji. The soft white-colored sand of this beach makes it the most beautiful beach in the town, and it receives appreciation from tourists for its panoramic views. This beach is a beautiful place to relax under the palm trees and be amazed by the beautiful landscape of cliffs.

Also, you will find it an ideal spot to enjoy romantic moments far away from the crowd. From watching the sun going down to relaxing over the sand, you will capture many moments of joy there.

Fort Aguada

In the old days, this fort was the house of the Portuguese, but it has been converted into a jail. The place is worth visiting, and missing the chainsaw to enjoy an amazing view from the lighthouse will be a big loss. It is one of the most crucial and prized forts of the Portuguese. You must come to explore this place to enjoy the ecstatic view whenever you come to visit Goa.

Church Of Mae De Deus

The Gothic architecture of Goa mesmerizes the tourists completely. Not only the construction but the surroundings of this beautiful church are equally enchanting and attractive. It is worth mentioning here that it will be the best place to visit with your family in Goa. You can easily reach this church via buses, taxis, or auto-rickshaws. There is no entry fee.

Temple Of Bogdeshwara

It is the most significant temple of Goa, and calling it a popular tourist destination will also not be wrong. The place is a masterpiece; therefore, thousands of people visit this monument. The place is present behind greenery. The temple hosts Zatra (a fair) in December or January. People come here to participate in these celebrations and attend all the ceremonies.

Chapora Fort

You can say that this fort is a masterpiece of Portuguese construction, and it is a must-see tourist attraction in North Goa. Portuguese ruled this place for more than 150 years. All that you can explore there are just the ruins. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of two of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. It is a fantastic place to take pictures with loved ones.

Club Cabana

The North Goa is popular for parties; this club is the best place for parties here. Club Cabana is where you can enjoy the party every day. You may also know this club as “night club in the sky.” Most party lovers and DJs keep playing the music there all night! But, remember that either females or couples can visit this place.

Anjuna Market

How could that be possible when you are in Goa and forget to explore the markets? Anjuna is one of the famous markets in the town you must explore and shop for your loved ones. Here, you can get clothes, accessories, trinkets, and jewelry.

You can visit this market on Wednesday only, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore this place. You should buy the beachwear from this market at an affordable price. It is an incredible place to interact with the locals.


Not only the waterfalls, but this place is also famous for its beautiful lake “Mayem” and cashew trees. Also, you can visit the famous Hindu temples and the oldest mosque. Its untouched and unspoiled beauty attracts tourists. The sleepy villages are ideal places to relax. There are mines of iron, which make this place worth visiting and distinguish it from others.


Goa is paradise and home to the most beautiful beaches. Nature lovers can choose a variety of spots to explore in North Goa. Romantic couples can enjoy memorable moments in isolated places and backwaters. And, if you are a part soul, you can hang out with your best buddies.

To sum it up, North Goa offers something to everyone, from beautiful beaches to vibrant markets. But the question is, which places should you explore?

Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, Fort Aguada, Temple Of Bogdeshwara, Club Cabana, Church Of Mae De Deus Anjuna Market, and Bicholim are the best places to visit in North Goa with family.

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