Top 10 The Must-Attend Festivals in Spain: A Complete Guide

Sep 12, 2023 By Sean William

Spain is popular for its traditional food, worth visiting beaches, laidback atmosphere, big-name landmarks, and much more. But, when it comes to the traditional Spanish festivals, it becomes hard to resist, and everyone tends to book the flight and reach there to be part of the massive tomato fight.

Undoubtedly, attending the famous Spanish festivals is one way to experience Spain's culture so closely, celebrate like a local, and learn more about the country's history.

La Tomatine Festival, Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Fallas De Valencia, Feria Del Caballo, Cordoba Patios Festival, San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona, Semana Santa, Benicassim Festival, and The Semana Grande are the famous festivals of Spain. Most of these are celebrated to welcome a new year, observe the feat day, or honor the harvest.

Everyone with an adventurous soul must experience these exciting festivals at least once. As these traditional festivities are celebrated continuously throughout the year, you can join them any time.

From traditional events to religious celebrations, below are the best festivals in Spain you would love to experience!

Top 10 The Must-Attend Festivals in Spain: All You Need To Know

Many centuries-old festivals are celebrated in Spain. A few of the most-attended festivals of the country have been enlisted below:

La Tomatine Festival

It is one of Spain's most popular, unique, and best festivals, celebrated on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, a small town in Valencia. This festival is the biggest food fight, where tons of overripen tomatoes are thrown into the streets of Bunol. The participants throw these squashed tomatoes at each other. The fight leaves everyone dripping in the tomato juice.

Las Fallas De Valencia

The list of festivals can never be complete without Fallas. The festival is celebrated in one of Spain's most beautiful cities, where countless beautiful characters come out on the streets. Most of these characters belong to the pop culture events throughout the year.

The fireworks and spectacular light show are the major highlights of this festival. The firework occurs in the daylight while you can enjoy the light show at night.

It is celebrated in the middle of March; the streets of Valencia are lighted up for different festivals. The locals create paper mache floats, decorations, and sculptures. All of these are hand-crafted, and it took months to make them.

Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

It is another popular festival celebrated in Spain in February. The carnival is similar to the one celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This festival's costumes are stunning, vibrant, and delightful.

The parades walk through the streets while many musical groups walk and enjoy with them. Besides them, ladies and well-dressed performers are also part of these parades who entertain the audience with their remarkable dance performances. These vibrantly colored costumes can weigh up to 100 kilograms and take months to prepare.

Feria Del Caballo

Who would miss the chance to join the horse parades in Spain? Regardless of the festival being celebrated in Spain, the dance is an important part of the celebrations. If you want to enjoy these festivals like locals, you must dress up like them. It is the only way to enjoy the event to its fullest. This festivity is a dedication to the different breeds of horses.

San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona

The bull running festival is this country's most prominent and popular event. A giant firework is set off from the mayor's balcony, known as Chupinazo, to start the event. The bull starts running from Plaza Santo Domingo and ends in bullring. The animal moves around through the streets, creating thrill and excitement in people. Though it is popular at the same time, this is a risky festival held in the town.

Cordoba Patios Festival

The festival is a perfect time to explore the spring colors of Spain. In the first week of May, both the tourists and the locals come and join this event. The celebration is made at the private courtyards open to the public. This event was celebrated back in 1918. During the event, the entire city is filled with blooming flowers.

Semana Santa - Easter Holy Week

Easter is the biggest event celebrated in the country. Santa Semana is celebrated throughout the country, but the heart of this celebration is in Seville. The Easter week is immensely popular in the country and represents the passion of Jesus Christ. Another festival called "Feria de Abril" is celebrated a few days or weeks after this event.

Benicassim Festival

Call it the modern festival being celebrated in Spain. The event caters the rock, pop, and electronic music. Local and international musicians unite at this event, letting the audience enjoy the perfect summer musical festival.

It is a three-day event about music, socializing, and alcohol. Though the event was started in the 90s, this festivity has gained immense popularity and is now considered the best musical festival in the country.

Cristianos Y Moros Festival

It is celebrated in April, while the dates can vary. Both Muslim and Christian communities fought to take over the country. This event is a way to recall the efforts of these people. The locals wear Muslim attires, and they conquer the city. While, On the very next day, the Christians reclaimed their territory.

The Semana Grande

It is also known as the Great Week, and the festival lasts nine days. During this period, you can see various activities, including wood-chopping, strongman competitions, and stone-carryings, and the celebrations end with marihuana and


Spain has a rich history, natural beauty, vibrant culture, and the best food. What about the famous Spanish festivals? Would you not like to be a part of them like a local? Of course, everyone would love to.

La Tomatine Festival, Las Fallas De Valencia, Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Feria Del Caballo, San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona, Cordoba Patios Festival, Semana Santa, Benicassim Festival, and The Semana Grande are a few of the most famous festivals celebrated in Spain throughout the year. You can be a part of these festive occasions in Spain and experience the most memorable moment of your life!

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