10 The Best Groovy Music Festivals In India Worth Travelling

Sep 12, 2023 By Sean William

Music can calm, relax, and free the mind. When it's a musical festival, everything is heavenly; you're whisked away to a parallel universe where the music is perfect and the scenery is breathtaking. The music festivals in India are something to brag about.

Festival-goers come from all over the world to soak in the atmosphere and hear some incredible tunes. The number of music festivals in India for listeners of all stripes has grown exponentially in recent years. Locations range from the core of major cities to more unusual settings.

There's a wide range of concert options, from free public shows to VIP events that add a touch of class. Live music enthusiasts around the country are in for a treat; that is clear. If you're ever in India, don't miss this opportunity to see world-class performers and brilliant native artists.

10 Best Groovy Music Festivals In India

Storm Music Festival

Some of the best Indian musicians and bands perform over three days during the Storm Music event, widely regarded as India's most genuine camp-out event. During the event's three days, you may also set up tents and sleep under the stars. Folk, indie, and alternative pop, as well as electronic dance, are all represented in the event.

Every year, at the end of January, it occurs on Bangalore's outskirts. The festival has improved for campers and visitors by moving it to a more spacious and open location on a vast plot of ground outside Bangalore, and the music is still the main attraction.

Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival, a Naga festival, is well-known internationally. Usually, it takes place between December 1st and the 10th to round off the year. This celebration takes its name from the Indian hornbill, a huge and colorful woodland bird in the mythology of many different Naga subgroups.

The Naga-Heritage Village is located not far from Kohima, and it is there that the festival takes place annually. The 2017 Hornbill International Music Festival and Rock Contest was held in Dimapur and is the festival's major draw. The event has included performances by several nationally recognized bands, including Soulmate, Slain, and Gingerfeet.


The official title of Sulafest is the Gourmet Music Festival of India. Not only are your ears soothed by the music, but your taste senses are also treated to something special. Tempting rock, folk, techno, blues, and reggae acts are spread across the event's two days.

The exquisite theater serves as a cherry on top, completing the overall soothing atmosphere of the property. Christ Burstein, Lucky Ali, Raimund, and Steve Rachmad are some artists scheduled to perform this year.

Ziro Festival

One of the most prestigious music festivals in the Northeast is held annually at Ziro Valley, a verdant valley in the Subansiri region of Arunachal Pradesh. Indie music enthusiasts in big numbers go to the event since it is the finest venue for the genre's waning trend.

Compared to other music festivals, the Ziro Festival of Music stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its unique blend of environment, history, and culture. For four days, you and your family will be immersed in an environment rich in soulful music, delicious cuisine, fascinating culture, and beautiful natural scenery; this is more than just a music festival.

Woods Talk

Woods Talk is a laid-back outdoor festival held in March in the verdant hills near Rishikesh. The rumbling Ganges adds an air of mystery to this otherwise laid-back celebration. The interesting lineup of performers at the event has been attracting a sizable crowd. The terrain is so beautiful that the festival organizers incorporated outdoor activities like canyoning, rafting, rappelling, kayaking, and rock climbing into the program.

Ragasthan Festival

With music, art, film, and culture taking center stage against the background of the dunes in Jaisalmer, this colorful festival turns the deserts of Rajasthan into a stunning multi-hued camping site. Ragasthan provides its customers with what they came for an enchanting atmosphere and a setting they won't want to leave.

The Magnetic Fields, stretching across the Thar's golden dunes, bring fresh air to the arid landscape. Because of the festival's eco-conscious ethos, disposable water bottles have been prohibited.

Magnetic Fields Music Festival

The Magnetic Fields Music Festival has become a cult event among music fans, making it one of Asia's most thrilling desert festivals. This event takes place at Rajasthan's Alsisar Mahal every December. The festival is regarded as among the finest of its type anywhere in the United States. As a result of the spectacular performances by world-famous performers, the stage was set ablaze.

Gulmarg Winter Fest

Many different types of music enthusiasts attend the events. From jazz to rock, dance to movies, and gourmet food to meticulously crafted sporting events. The amazing Himalayan Mountains provide a background to all of this action. The festival spans March 1-2 and features many events and activities. In the previous celebration, Raghu Dixit played a pivotal role.

NH7 Weekender

Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Shillong, and Delhi are all hosting stops on the NH7 Weekender, an Indian music event that travels from city to city. The festival is an annual event. From October to December, it begins in Pune and goes around the country, courtesy of OML entertainment. Artists from all around the country are represented in the event. There are both up-and-coming national stars and established names among them.


One of the greatest music festivals in India is Sunburn, which takes place in the hills of Kesnand in Pune. Sunburn is a commercial Electronic Dance Music festival. As part of the New Year's carnival celebrations, it is also celebrated annually in Vagator, Goa. It was the largest music event in Asia at the time.

The event has tasty cuisine, fun activities, and unique shopping opportunities. It runs for a whole week and features numerous stages. Sunburn includes various electronic dance music (EDM) styles, including Trance, House, Trap, Dubstep, and Tropical House. Shailendra Singh's Percept Company is behind it, and VJ Nikhil Chinappa came up with the idea.


The popularity of music festivals in Indian hill regions among young, party-minded people grew rapidly. Audiences may be found all around India, and they mostly consist of young urban Indians and occasional international visitors. All the information you need about these hot music festivals in the Indian hill stations is here.

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